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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 23, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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outnumbered over time. go to fox and sign on to the chat and talk to us about anything on the show and i will get a break down on boom. and we'll see you tomorrow. happening now. >> we are watching three developing stories, nearly 50 people are feared dead after a plane crash on the island near taiwan. secretary of state kerry is with netanyahu trying to negotiate a ceasefire with hamas as the death toll mounts. and looking into a new government investigation and turning up fake insurance applications. a pair of ukrainian military jets shot down in the volatile eastern region where tensions
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couldn't be higher. the faa is extending a ban in a different part of the world to flights to tel aviv for the next 24 hours. welcome to an hour of happening now. i am jenna lee. nand i am jon scott, nearly a week after a plane was shot down. there is word that to military jets were taken down. nisrael launching more air strikes today to deal with the onslaught of rockets fired from gaza. we have team fire coveraging and first we go to conner powell who is standing by in gaza city, conner? >> reporter: both sides talk about the others treat civilians. it supports the claims from the palestinians and israelis.
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the israelis claim that the hospital is used by hamas as a commanding place to control center and rockets and after days of warnings and telling doctors to remove all patients the israeli attack the hospital. we see the bombing where we are seeing reported fighting in the eastern part of the gaza strip. and now the attack on the hospital came and military saying that this was because the hospital is used by hamas and the israeli military attacked it and bombed it. and hamas still trying to use as a command and control center and proof that the military said hamas is using civilian targets and sites to attack israel. in a separate incident we saw an is slammic cultural center that was attacked without warning or notice by the israeli military. one man was killed and 40 other people were injured.
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both according to both sides proof of how the other treats civilians and uses civilian sites. secretary of state john kerry arriving in the country to meet with prime minister netanyahu and said there is progress but a lot of work still remains for the ceasefire. >> in the last days, we have been talking about how to achieve an end to the current violence and in an effort to try not only to have a ceasefire but build a process that can create a sustainable way forward for everybody. >> reporter: now jenna, there is a sense that momentum is gaining for a ceasefire. but the fighting has not let up. continuing hamas rockets going out to israel and navy and army is pounding the gaza strip.
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>> conner thank you very much. and in the meantime on ward to a big story. >> the remains of some of the passengers of malaysian flight 17 coming home. there was 40 caskets and the black boxes are in england so investigators can show anything about what happened. amy kellogg picks up the coverage. >> remains of the passengers were given ceremonies upon their departure from eastern ukraine and also when they arrived in the air base in the netherlands today. they were scenes of dignity and decorum at last. images of the crash scene and the reports of mishandling of bodies and affects were distressing to the people who didn't know the sdoesed and added great pain to the
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relatives of the victims. only a fractions of the number of people killed were brought to the netherlands today. they will be identified and returned to countries or relatives in nether lands. representatives met the coffins and family members were kept away from the cameras. the dutch ambassador said the victims are beginning a long journey. identifying the remains will take month and some remains will have to be recovered from the folds of ukraine. it started at the british accident investigation branch. it is one of two facilities in europe with the equipment to do this. it will take 24 hours per black box and that depends on volume and damage sustained and the data will be turned over to the dutch safety board. and the first update on the
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black boxes is that the voice of the cockpit voice recorder has not been tampered with. john. >> that is a bit of good news. amy kellogg, thank you. right now on capitol hill, capitol police announce the arrest of a south carolina man who tried to get in a house office building while carrying a nine millimeter pistol. he was charged with carrying a fire arm without a license. this is the second time they discovered a gun in someone trying to pass through security there. fake obama care applications are the subject of a hearing today after they were able to use false identities to get health insurance len out of 12 times. jim? >> reporter: hello, jenna, the courts argue over whether the
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subsidies in the system are legal, the most explosive report so far on verification of those who apply for subsidies. they applied through the federal exchanges on line under the 12 fictitious names and using inval ad social security numbers or names and len of the 12 were approved. >> we used fictitious identities and false information and forged documents and instructions from the marketplace itself to circumvent the controls. >> it is a crime to submit false information but the undercover information shoes how easy it is to get subsidies under the exchanges. republicans worry that the tax credits are in jeopardy and democrats sought to minimizing the findings. >> time and again, the
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administration chose to ignore the law or sdo does implement the law with incompetence. >> democrat representative crowley said the selection is much ado about nothing because there is nothing here yet. a contractor is supposed to verify all information submitted to the marketplace but the administration doesn't have the electronic capability to do that and told them they don't have a time line for providing. that it is 1.4 trillion for the next nine years and subsidies and related spending accounting for that. as the court try to decide whether they were included in the law, the ga o found out subsidies to people who have no right to receive them and putting taxpayer money at risk.
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>> it is a lot to think about, jim, as always. >> you bet. nanother hearing on capitol hill, this one focusing on the irs targeting scandal with the commissioner back on the hot society since the first time lois lerner lost e-mails might not be lost after all. >> at this point, i have no basis for not being confirmed. the ig advised me they were looking at tapes. >> confirmed is a strong word, commissioner. are you confirmed that no back up tapes exist? >> well, at this point, i know the ig hasn't found anything. >> i am glad you mention the ig. i find this confounding and perplexing. no one can do anything? >> lois lerner's hard drive was
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only scratched and not destroyed and trying to figure out if it was accidental or deliberate. >> cool wet weather is helping firefighters in washington state. the president signs an emergency declaration authorizing fema and homeland security for disaster relief. there could be major flooding. so much ground vegetation has burned away and the ground certainly is already saturated. >> president obama weighs in on trouble spots all over the world even as critics knock him for traveling too much. is this an example of presidential multitasking or simply a fundraiser in chief? and more drama surrounding the teenager who moved out of her parent's home and sued them for support. now she is taking out
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a restraining order. we'll hear from you as well. based on what we know, should russia get the blame for shooting down flight number 17? is it time for aggression toward russia click on america's asks and get your thought in the conversation. holesome grains,real beef,even accents of spinach,carrots and peas. [guy] you love it so much. yes you do. but it's good for you, too. [announcer] healthful. flavorful. beneful. from purina.
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>> the president is in the middle of a three day follow-upped raising trip. he is taking heat for that amid the crisis. in seattle last night mr. obama told the democrat national committee, part of people's concern is a sense that around the world the old order is not holding and we're not quite where we need to be in terms of a new order that based on a different set of principles. and humanity that works for all
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people. and we'll have a fox news contributor. jonnah there is a fund-raising trip and the statement that the president made in a beautiful home in seattle. what do you make about the comment old versus new order? what do you make of the statement? >> when he campaigned he promised the old order was coming to an end and he was the beginning of the new order. the problem is the new order is not that great. even joe biden said they failed to deliver on the promise of the utoppian world and they recycle the uncorn poop and things. and he is checked out because of this. >> the white house responds and said listen, we'll take the show on the road.
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the president has the best people and technology and he doesn't need to be in washington d.c. to handle what is happening in the rest of the world, is there truth in that that the president can be on the rod and is there something more to it. that he's not in the white house at the time. the president can handle the job on the road if he can handle the job. i don't think anybody would begrudge him fundraisers. he has a lot of them. more than years of his presidency is around fundraiser. george bush raised money, to. fund-raising is the only thing he is interested, committed to or good at. americans don't want war and agree with a lot of the stay the at home foreign policy positions but don't like how he is handling the foreign policy because he seems like he is out
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of the depth and events are taking control of him. no one likes to see the leader of the free world at sea. he doesn't want to give up the fundraiser and that is the only places he is comfortable. talk to the last vestiges of crowds that are his adoring fans. >> if that is true, does this present an opportunity for new leadership to emerge from either party? >> i think we're seeing whether it creates that opportunity or not for the leaders themselves, it is creating a vacouple for the press. so many of them are recovering elizabeth waren and talking about hillary clinton and turning eyes to marco rubio who is rolling out a serious foreign policy. and paul ryan had a big speech today. the president is not news anymore and not trying to be news. he's trying to stay out of the
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news and keep everything low- key and uninspiring and talk about cynicism and all of the rest and checked out of the job. and so the political press and politics itself abhors a vacuum. >> you think that someone can emerge and there is a model of leadership and a person that you turn to for new ideas or new leadership tenants? >> i think so. and i think there is a lot of interesting new ideas coming out of the right. reform conservativism that a lot of people are picking up the mantel. elizabeth warren i disagree with her, but she has a program that she is putting forward. it is depressing that the president decided to check out for the last two years with problems facing us. in the end of the day i am optimistic about america. america can choke on a gnat but
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swallow tigers hold. eventually america steps up. >> i rather end optimistic than otherwise. jonnah great to see you. >> not so optimistic. violence raging in ukraine and israel and conflict zones putting more pressure on aviation security worldwide. could new texnology protect airline passengers from missile attacks like the one that brought down the malaysian plane. and new questions of how the obama administration is handling surge of immigrants. and do other nations have a grip on this kind of an issue?
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>> right now the fa a is extending the ban on the airport in tel aviv. this is after the pressure on air safety worldwide. although it is not confirmed for security reasons. the israeli military developed sky shield that integrate laser technology along with a thermal camera and protect civilian aircraft from surface to air are missiles. could this be used on all passenger plans? we'll have more from publisher. and welcome to both of you. talk about the flight cancellationing to tel aviv, first. the united states faa ordered no more flights in ben gurion airport. i know that you disagreement
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robert, you think it is a prudent move, why? >> any time somebody starts shooting anything that lands close to the airport, pilots get nervous. and i think they would be nervous anyway, but after what happened in the ukraine the airlines don't want the rick. >> robby, it was not a guided missile but a rocket. it is launched and goes up and coming down somewhere and landed a mile away. you think that the risk is overstated here? >> yes, i do. i think the joint conclusion from the incident in ukraine and ban the flights to tel aviv is a very long overshoot. i think there is little common denominator between the two insdints. one highly sophisticated weapon was used in the ukraine against
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the flying aircraft. and in israel we are talking as you just mentioned, about a simple projectile that doesn't have any real brain behind. it it is not even aimed at the aircraft but aimed at the ground and unable to hit ben gurion airport despite attempts to do so, and so i think that the faa was too quick in drawing that conclusion especially with the difficulty to now change the decision because it is easy to oup grade security, and it is always much more difficult to take steps that will reduce it. >> we'll talk about the danger of the civilian airliners face from even intelligent missiles. robert, we are talking about this system that the israelis
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apparently have developed that can be mounted on board civilian aircraft. should civilian planes flying in international air space be equipped with that kind of equipment? >> i think the airlines will have to make that decision, that is a cost benefit question. i don't know the cost of the system. but multiply that by 5 or 6,000 airplanes in the united states and anywhere else it would be expensive. forget the ukraine, what about the randomness of what is going on over there in the area? if i will a pilot and they lobbed one in and hit a mile from the airport. it was random and brainless. and how do you prevent that from happening again and assure me as a captain i will not get in the between it and the ground. >> only way to prevent it from
10:27 am
happens in the future is to what israel is doing. going after the launchers that try to stop that. any other way has failed and i don't think we should look at the protection and civilian as the solution. look at the source of the problem and not just over the end of. it >> yeah. >> listen, i completely agree, but to me, if i were the captain of one of those airplanes i understand the position but i would wait until it gets worked out. >> by cancelling flights and costing the israelis tourist money, you encourage the lobbing of more rockets to the airplane. it is a role issue. thank you, both. >> you're welcome. >> and unfortunately, another
10:28 am
airline tragedy to report. a passenger jet crashing after trying to come in for an emergency land nothing rough weather. we have the latest on that. and a woman tries to make extra money by renting out a condo. she got more than she bargained for when a guest refused to leave and he has a legal right to stay. a lengthy legal battle she faces to get this guy out.
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>> twisted wreckage is apparently on the list after a plane crash by taiwan. several people were killed after the transasia plane went down in taiwan. >> yes, taiwan is saying that as many as 47 people may have died in the plane crash but there is no official confirmation of the death toll. the transasian plane had 58 passengers and crew on flying to the pen ghu. the pilot was asked to wait
10:33 am
a long time. the pilot is believed to twice land the aircraft. and the control tower is reported to lost contact with the plane. it smashed in two homes and hundred military personnel went there for the rescue effort. but they are trying to find out how many died in the plane crash. >> tough images there. thank you. >> there is no end in site for the immigration crisis on our border. washington in a stalemate. and how do other countries deal with illegal immigration. we have a closer look at that, william? >> reporter: some say sending the central americans back to it mexico. the problem is mexico will not take them. in contrast europe sends them
10:34 am
back from the last country they came from and making them responsible for their own border. critics say that is not work other oirth. the u.s. is not the only country faced with illegal immigrants and minors seeking a si lem. italy turns back many that come from albannia and afriia. some returned home and others live on the streets. in greece they are in detention camps. and in 2012800 syrians sought a sylum in grease. un installed a barbed wire fence and reduced from 2,000 to throw hundred. france denies 90 percent of the
10:35 am
request. and children are turned back at the airport without an intruchlt france does not grant citizenship to children born to undocumented immigrants. 300 minors apply in the uk, 13 percent are approved on average. in australia uncompanied children are are held for nine months and census and infrared help to secower the spanish islands in the mediterranean. process centers are unsanity. now the u.s. had a similar problem with brazilians in 2005. expedited removal. 100 percent were detained and removed and within two months brazilians entering the u.s. illegally was down 90 percent.
10:36 am
this year the congress didn't approve the same for illegals. >> news for the teen who moved out of her parent's home and sued them for support. the 18 year filed a restraining order from her boyfriend after he choked her in an argument over the weekend. it was her relationship with the boyfriend that was part of the fallout with her parents in the first place. and so heather, does rachel's past come back and haunt her in this situation? >> it may. the judge may weigh her past of accusations. she accused her parents. >> that case was dismissed. >> and the hearing for the restraining order. and it may impact the
10:37 am
credibility weigh in. >> restraining order is different than filing charges. >> she went to the police directly after allegedly he choked her and she asked that he have a restraining order and not be able to go in the location. the district attorney can choose to prosecute him, because the district attorney represents the people but they need her support and she's not pressing charges from what we understand at this point. that is what is happening now. >> she's only 18 years old and going to be a freshman. and you reap what you sow. you wonder what is next? >> she set herself up for a difficult time in the future. hopefully she can turn it around. all of the allegations and maybe the past abuse she with stood impacted her future. >> interesting to see where it goes in the court in new jersey.
10:38 am
>> and in a different case in california. this is a air b&b and rent out to your home to people who come to say. and you make money. a woman in at san francisco bay area claims she aren'ted out a palm springs condo and the guest demanded a full refund and refusing to leave. in the state of california, if a squatter is in your place for 30 days, that squatter becomes a teinant with rights. >> it is a lawful teinant with rights and so now this person claimed i am a teinant and you have to lawful evict. >> even if they don't pay? >> he didn't pay. but he has a contract which he is saying is a lease and the state of california say we will have to treat him as a teinant.
10:39 am
it is enacting the law. he is using it against a nice girl. >> she can't afford to live in the san francisco bay area and she bought the condo and she rents it out as a way to make income. and now facing 3- 6 months before she could see the guy get out and a bunch of legal bills. >> and the reality you have to do your research. there is specific land lord teinant laws in a rental high area like palm springs. i bet that the renter knew his rights and well aware of how long he could stay. >> he threatened to cut off the utilities. and she realized she was in the binned and he said if you do that i will sue you. can you imagine, he's flipping the laws on her and now taking victiming of her.
10:40 am
>> it is a nanny, i remember the viewers, a live in nanny staying in the room in the family's home because they don't have rights to evict her. it is your property and why can't you force them out. >> you will likely win with the nanny and this guy, but there are laws that protect the people staying in the homes and unfortunately the laws look silly. they are not effective. >> and do they because it is a company that did the match making are lay loibl. >> they are standing behind the woman and reimbursed her and going to help her with the legal bills and they don't want it to affect the nationwide marketing of how great it is to be on air b&b. >> would you rent yours. >> not for 30 days. >> thank you very much. john?
10:41 am
>> just in, florida senator marco rubio addressing educators and researchers in washington d.c. catholic university, the senator laying out his vision of what it takes to succeed in america telling the crowd it takes hard work and discipline and timing. >> in america if you get an education and find a good job and wait until marriage to have children, your chances of achieving economic security and professional fulfillment are incredibly high. in fact if everyone in america lived lives that went in this order that i outlined, some estimate that the poverty rate would be cut by 70 percent. >> rubio also went on to say that it takes both parents and government to set america's children on the right track. >> in business news, amazon first phone hits stores this
10:42 am
week. it is called the fire phone. it has movies and books and muc. the phone has two main features called dynamic perspective and allows the phone to react to how you hold and move it and fire fly that scans pictures like books and posters and more. >> we talked about the rental laws in california. there is a massive drought. there is a new way to crack down on water wasters and you have to see this to believe it. we'll explain. >> are you one of those lucky people who get eight hours of sleep or not. cording to the experts, you might be getting too much. you might have to cut back, people. we'll explain, next.
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>> hi, everyone. i am gretchen carlsson. america's mayor rudy guiliani analyzes president obama's leadership and the crisis we are
10:46 am
facing in the country. and the form law professor said he doesn't think obama care can survive in the courts. and then there's this, can you be kicked off of a plane for tweeting about their customer service? one customer said that happen to him and his kids, all at the top of the hour. >> new research on the science of sleep shoes we might do better with seven hours instead of traditional eight that you heard you should get. should less be more? we'll talk about it with dr. christopher winter. it kind of hit me and said most people need seven hours and 13 minutes. that's the average when asked and they get six and half. 45 minutes less than they want. is there a right number for everybody, doctor? >> i am not sure about that.
10:47 am
but i am happy to proclaim that the eight hour era is finally over. doug did a great study in 1997 that showed if you sleep for 6- 8 hours likelihood of a stroke less than if you slept more than eight. it is great to get publicity. but it has boxed people in thinking if they are not getting eight hours they are doing something wrong. we are probably not getting enough sleep as a society as a whole. but we don't have to get eight to be healthy. >> too much food is unhealthy and too little is unhealthy? >> absolutely. i never seen anybody say americans should be getting 2,000 calories a day. are you old or younger or an elite athlete. there is ranges for everything
10:48 am
and sleep is no different. if you getting eight hours and healthy and feel good that is fantastic and if you are getting seven hours, that is good, too. you are not short changing yourself. >> and what if you are pregnant, do you need more sleep? >> congratulations, by the way. we can talk about your child's sleep later on. you probably need more rest and most likely because of the metabollic acceleration of your body and you probably need more sleep. and a lot of things about pregnancy that impair sleep. discomfort and lungs having difficulty breathing. >> that's what is going on. come on, that is right. >> i would say this, any time she wants to sleep or close her eyes, she should be able to do
10:49 am
that. >> i will take a moment. she was up late last night on twitter and i am just saying. i can't help you there. >> if you get more than eight hours a sleep is that unhealthful. can you get too much sleep? >> if you are somebody watching this and think you need 8, 9 or 10 hours, that can be okay. first thought we have when we see somebody with that complaint is typically, there is a sleep dysfunctional problem going on, and if that is proven not to be the case. it is people who are long sleepers that require more sleep than average. >> that would be my 16-year-old. that girl can sleep. dr. christopher winter, interesting, thank you. >> i mean, he really was speaking. around 3 o'clock in the morning,
10:50 am
like clock worning and i expect that to continue. baby is up and ready to go. >> starts beating the drum. >> it really does. moving on here, the drought causing a controversy as towns take action to keep with the crisis. >> plus, is this a security pu flags in place of the stars and stripes. the latest on this bizarre story next. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ alex ] transamerica helped provide a lifetime of retirement income. so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. thank ythank you for defendiyour sacrifice.
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here's a weird story from the iconic brooklyn bridge which is considered a terror target. nypd investigators believe it took five people working in two separate teams to replace the american flags on the bridge with white banners. they are sort of faded american flags. it happened sometime in the
10:54 am
overnight hours of tuesday to wednesday and the motive behind the stunt still a mystery. police are combing through security footage hoping to solve what is considered a major security breach at the icon particular new york city landmark. california towns are cracking down on people that don't comply with mandatory water restrictions brought on by the receive ear drought the state is experiencing. some places are even hiring water cops. water cops to deal with the crisis. will carr is live in los angeles with more on this. will? >> reporter: it may sound desperate, water cops, but the vast majority of california right now is in extreme drought conditions so a number of cities and water agencies have brought out these water cops to issue warnings or fines because 60 cities in california have mandatory water cutbacks in effect right now. according to local reports, los angeles only has one water cop but plans to add three more next month and the santa clara valley water district in the bay area plans on hiring up to ten water
10:55 am
cops in the very near future. as you might imagine, there's been mixed reaction from residents although it's deemed necessary by water authorities. >> have to call somebody else to give you a ticket so what's the use of having them come around. >> it's more frustrating that we're not moving in the right direction because if we don't, and next year's dry, it means we'll probably have more serious restrictions. >> reporter: california governor jerry brown just signed a law that prevents them from fining homeowners for not watering lawns and some cities are paying homeowners to go to drought resistant lawns and others paint their lawn green. my producer tells me she did this. she painted her lawn green and she tells me that she has the best looking grass on her street. >> maybe there's something to it. that looks like the makeup that we get on a regular basis. do the same thing for your lawn, right, will?
10:56 am
>> reporter: it's not the makeup i get but first i heard of it. seems to work out. >> will, thank you. interesting. i think go ahead and paint away. >> entrepreneurs. that's the american way coming up with a way around the problem. good for them. many americans agree the irs commissioner lost a lot of credibility. he's back on capitol hill testifying about this woman, lois lerner and her lost e-mails. the latest version of the story coming up on "the real story" with gretchen carlson.
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visit today. we talked quite a bit about real estate today and listen to this one. it has all of the fixings of a ritzy new york city condo. the asking price just over $1 million. and in manhattan, that's actually a steal. the catch is that the lucky investor, whoever is out there, will have to let the two elderly antique dealers stay there as tenants along with all their
11:00 am
dolls, trinkets and nicknacks. you knowingly would buy the apartment with those tenants inside and the dolls. >> and the pink paint. looks like a deal. thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. a sad day in the netherlands as many of the bodies from malaysia flight 17 arrive from ukraine. this as the investigation continues into who really took down that plane. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome today to "the real story." manhatta meantime, the fighting continues this morning. two fighter jets blown out of the sky over the russian border. kremlin backed militants say they are behind it. one pilot reportedly killed after not ejecting in time and there's word the rebels are hunting down the other pilot. those ukrainian military aircraft downed just 20 miles from where malaysian flight


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